Pandemic Creates New Challenges for Family Law

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The pandemic created new and unique challenges for many industries and family law is no different.

“With covid one of the newest arguments that family lawyers are helping families get through are the debates about whether or not their child should be in person or continue learning virtually,” said Ginger Murray, Owner/President of Your Family Law Center. “And for families who aren’t in the same household, there’s a reason for that and it’s normally because parents couldn’t agree. So now we’re trying to help them navigate what’s the right custodial answer for their child with regard to their education. There are not easy answers, but we can help get to an answer. The courts will hold a hearing, but usually we try to settle that by using a little bit of a voice of reason and having a conversation about what works best for kids. It is different for a child who does well on a computer screen compared to someone with an IEP or a 504B who may need that one on one attention from a teacher. So we look at the facts and look for tailored answers to the child’s needs rather than so much about the parents beliefs.”

The vaccine is another area that Murray expects to see challenges for families.

“It is not uncommon for moms and dads to have a disagreement about medical decisions. Vaccinations are one of the issues parents often fight about. So I can anticipate as vaccines become available we’re going to be seeing moms and dads who can’t agree on whether or not their kiddo should get a vaccination. The courts won’t decide for you. The courts decide which parent  has proven to be a more reasonable person when it comes to making decisions for children and will give that parent the ability to make the decision.”

Murray says her business has had to adjust to the pandemic like many others including making arrangements for parents struggling with many new issues.

“I can tell you that since March 13, 2020 when covid really hit our area I as a family lawyer have never been busier. We opened up hours after hours we opened up hours on weekends bc we could not possibly get everything done in a business day . It’s what you do so that your clients have the support they need while they’re dealing with these unprecedented crises that their families are going through and so you just do what you can to get through it with them. It’s not been easy but we’re making progress every day.”

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