New Adult Day Center Offering Fun Senior Activities With an Eye on Building Community

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Madison’s west side has a brand new option for Seniors 55 and up to hang out, socialize, and even shop! Then and Now Adult Day Center offers clients a mini mall with all sorts of shopping options, a great cafe with food prepared fresh on site, and many classes and activities. There is also an opportunity to get involved and be a part of the activities.  

“Our goal is to bring the community to our seniors who might have limited access,” said Whitney Fowler Creator and Founder of Then and Now Adult Day Center. “We’re always looking for people to come and teach a class or spend time listening, have lunch in our cafe and just socialize with our seniors.”

Offering shopping and different ways to interact keeps seniors occupied but also connected to people and activities that are fun and engaging and offer a way to socialize.

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“We have lots of different activities so if you would be able to take some seniors on a walk, or would be interested in going to water aerobics or bowling we have so many opportunities for our volunteers,” said Fowler.  “We have things to do on campus and off campus, just a great variety of activities.”

Adult Day Centers provide care in a community-based setting, with transportation, meals, social stimulation, activities, support for personal cares (ADL’s), and medication and health management. The classes, clubs, and activities are always evolving, based on members and all of the offerings are adapted to be accessible to all members. The center is bright and cheerful. It physically resembles a community space, including a bookstore, clothing store, home goods store, and market.

“We’re always looking for listeners so if someone would like to come for lunch and just enjoy our delicious cafe food and listen to some great stories that our seniors have to offer we would love that.”

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Senior men drinking tea together and chatting
Senior men drinking tea together and chatting(monkeybusinessimages | Getty Images/iStockphoto)