Back to School Shopping Post Pandemic More Exciting Than Ever

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For plenty of parents a back to school shopping day can be a great way to spend time with the kids and for many families it’s an annual rite of passage to hunt for new shoes, clothes and a backpack. But this year, maybe more than ever before, back to school shopping takes on a whole new meaning since most kids will be back to in person classes. Outlets at the Dells is rising to the occasion to bring some fun to the back to school process.

“Normally we have fun events planned because going back to school can be kind of a bummer for kids, but this year it’s going to be in person so it’s going to be pretty exciting for a lot of kids,” said Michelle Zuelke, General Manager of Outlets at the Dells. “Our theme is Hopscotch, we’re calling it Hopscotch to savings.”

Not only will there be coupons for back to school savings, but throughout the mall you’ll find amazing 3-D chalk art great for photo ops with the kids. Outlets at the Dells prides itself on making shopping a family friendly experience with more than just good deals. The immersive chalk art installation makes the experience photo worthy and something you’ll look back on and remember. But you can also check off some important end of the summer to-do’s.  

“Throughout the center we’ll have giant 3-D hopscotches,” Zuekle said.  “You’ll be on level ground but you’ll feel like maybe you’re on a cliff or something like that. We wanted to do something really fun because this year you’re going back to school full year in person so you need all the clothes because you can’t wear your pajamas anymore because you’re not just in front of a screen this year! You’ll need new gym shoes and back packs too!”

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