100-year-old Wabeno native beats COVID-19

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 9:46 PM CDT
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Shirley Shampo has always been impressive. Whether it's living on her own until she was 95, living through World War II, or living through The Great Depression.

"Up until about five years ago she was on her own, lived on her own, handled everything by herself," Shirley's granddaughter Raletta Ashbeck said.

Even at her current age of 100, Shirley is still close with many of her family members.

"She's like my best friend. She'll be my secret keeper forever. Even since she's been in there nursing home I'll go and visit her and we'll sit there and talk," Shirley's great-granddaughter Kassidy Ashbeck added.

Shirley currently lives in an assisted living facility. Where according to her family, she tested positive for COVID-19 in May.

"Then when I got the text from my Aunt Cindy that she was positive, you panic a little bit, cause she is at a vulnerable age," Raletta explained.

Shirley had no pre-existing conditions that would make the virus any worse. Even with the virus, she barely showed any symptoms.

"The most symptoms that I think she had was the sniffles, that's what I was told when she tested positive, and maybe a little cough. But she didn't have all of the horrible stories that you hear, she didn't have all of that," Raletta added

Within a month, Shirley had tested negative for COVID-19, her family says that isolation was harder for her than the virus was.

"She got back into her own room she bounced back. She had a smile on her face, she was talkative, she even put lipstick on yesterday. She was ready to get back to normal I think," Raletta explained.

For other families that are facing the same situation, Raletta's message is "don't lose hope".

"A lot of the stories that we hear on COVID-19 are horror stories, but there are success stories like this. There are a lot of success stories like this," Raletta said.