Lodi company launches supplements made entirely of human milk

But is it safe and effective in adults?
Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 10:17 PM CDT
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LODI, Wis. (WMTV) - Human milk— it’s the main ingredient in a Lodi-based company’s newest supplement.

Trulacta, according to its maker Adventa Bioscience, is designed to support whole-body health.

“The biggest question people have is ‘Ew,’ ‘Ick.’ But, at the end of the day, it’s truly what it does for the body,” CEO Christopher Tracy said.

“We call it ‘liquid gold.’ In the first year of the baby’s life, they’re living off of this product. It’s developing their brain. It’s developing their nervous system, their gut, all parts of their body,” he said. “Putting it back into our bodies now, we’ve found significant benefits.”

Adventa officially launched the product on Tuesday after conducting a limited pre-clinical study last fall. The company said 84 percent of participants reported relief with gastrointestinal symptoms as well as improvements in sleep.

The company plans to start clinical trials next year.

Tracy admitted, there is little to no research of the benefits of human milk when consumed by adults. However, he also said human milk has been available through unregulated markets and sites. “Therefore it can be unsafe for humans to consume,” he said. “Our process removes bacteria and makes it safe to consume.”

“I would want to see a little bit more data,” Aaron Henkel, a naturopathic doctor at Madison’s Family Clinic of Natural Medicine, said. “I would definitely say that I don’t think it’s gonna hurt them at all. Obviously [if] they take it and they start having any GI upset, they would stop it.”

Henkel said a potential concern is the milk’s source.

Adventa said it works with milk banks, where donors are paid and made aware their milk can be used in different ways. Tracy said their milk is tested for drugs and diseases.

“Everything comes through breast milk— most things, drugs, caffeine, chocolate. A lot of moms know, ‘I have to be really careful when I’m feeding my baby,’ so when we’re looking at a company that’s put this into a capsule, we [have to] make sure that they’re really careful about the diet,” Henkel said.

According to Tracy, Adventa has partnered with the University of Wisconsin to research the effects of breast milk in adults.

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