Wisconsin voters will receive a postcard if state thinks they moved

Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 9:31 AM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WBAY) - Wisconsin elections officials are mailing postcards to 97,700 state residents -- or former state residents -- to confirm if they moved and remind them to register with their new address to vote.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) says the postcards will go to voters who were flagged by the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). The system compares Wisconsin’s voter data to voter rolls from 30 member states and the District of Columbia, Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicle records and U.S. Postal Service change-of-address requests.

People who’ve moved, even if they’re in the same neighborhood -- or even the same building but a different apartment -- need to re-register their correct address before they vote again. The WEC says this will help avoid problems that could prevent someone from voting, even if they’re an eligible voter. It also reduces lines and paperwork at the polling place. Information on what to do is on the postcard.

The WEC says about 8% of people flagged by ERIC haven’t moved. If you receive the postcard but you haven’t moved, there are instructions on the postcard for confirming your address or you can confirm with poll workers at the next election that you didn’t change your address.

Earlier this year, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled the WEC does not have to deactivate voters who don’t respond to the mailing within 30 days. However, the WEC says, voters can be deactivated by municipal clerks if the clerks have reliable information the person no longer lives in their municipality. Clerks must give the voter 30 days’ notice before deactivating them.

Two more mailings are planned later this year. The WEC says this will be the largest.

Wisconsin election officials are sending postcards to voters who were flagged as moving from...
Wisconsin election officials are sending postcards to voters who were flagged as moving from their registered address(WBAY)

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