Coworking spaces make a comeback with increased remote work

As the work from home life drags on, many are looking for a more productive environment.
Published: Mar. 10, 2021 at 9:11 AM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Since the start of the month, Lodgic Everyday Community has seen an increase in inquiries from businesses or individuals about coworking options. Coworking, or working remotely in an independent office space, has become a trend in recent years and

Lodgic, which opened last June, has collaborative and independent spaces for people who work in many different industries.

Managing Director Margaret Ebeling says people are looking for a productive environment.

“I think we’re witnessing right now is a whole new way for people to work,” said Ebeling.

She says flexibility is the biggest draw for both employees and companies.

“Coworking as a model has actually worked very well for companies that may be hesitant about signing a longer-term lease agreement,” said Ebeling. “Having a model like this actually makes business sense because they can sign on for as little or as long as they want.”

A survey done by Global Workplace Analytics found that 76% of employees want to continue to work remotely and their preference is 2.5 days out of the week.

Many companies are opting to forgo the traditional office leases and instead rent coworking space. GWA reports that 77% of companies say allowing employees to work remotely lowers operating costs.

Experts say the anticipated trend of the workplace will be a hybrid model with employees working from home two to three days a week and then working out of a collaborative office space the remainder of the workweek.

GWA also found that people feel they perform equally at home as they do in the office, but they feel more satisfied with group work when collaborating in person.

Ebeling says because more people have been forced to work remotely, there is a larger market of people considering coworking than ever before.

“We’ve noticed in the past year that all of the sudden people who thought that work couldn’t be done outside of a traditional office, all of the sudden it can,” said Ebeling. “I think that makes it rather exciting.”

To learn more about coworking options at Lodgic, click HERE.

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